Here are some more pinewood derby car ideas; ranging from a tank to the slippery penguin pinewood derby car.

The tank pinewood derby car
One of the coolest cars on the track (pun inteneded) was the slippery-sliding penguin. It was definitely the most economical cars of the derby.

“The Super Slider” penguin pinewood derby car.

I started this pickup with the intention to put a motor in the only 2.2oz I still need to add a bit of weight to it before it runs down the track.

My pink sidestep pickup.  This was originally designed to add a motor in the back.  Note the driver-side wheel runs high (less friction on the track).

Weighing in at about two pounds, D'Bomb was realy fast off the starting gate but slowed to a crawl by the time it reached the finish line.

 This car holds a secret compartment and a ball-bearing that moves around the car as it hits the straightaway at the bottom of the ramp.

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About mjensen1313

Last year (2012) my wife and I purchased a pinewood derby track for a little extra money while doing what I love, SCOUTING. Now, as the official track for the State Pinewood Derby for the state of Utah, we want to share our pinewood stories with the world. To this day we have not seen the movie about these exciting scouting events, one day maybe, but as derby hosts, we have been privy to the inside stories of what can make a derby fun and memorable for everyone.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    We had a great time participating in the derby, rock climbing, and checking out the car show!!! We’re looking forward to next year!

    • mjensen1313 says:

      Thanks, we had a great time too! I can honeslty say, this was the first time for me on a rock climbing wall! A few years back one of my brothers bought me a climbing harness for Christmas and I am still yet to use it! (yes it is something I want to learn)

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