Here are some more pinewood derby car ideas; ranging from a tank to the slippery penguin pinewood derby car.

The tank pinewood derby car
One of the coolest cars on the track (pun inteneded) was the slippery-sliding penguin. It was definitely the most economical cars of the derby.

“The Super Slider” penguin pinewood derby car.

I started this pickup with the intention to put a motor in the only 2.2oz I still need to add a bit of weight to it before it runs down the track.

My pink sidestep pickup.  This was originally designed to add a motor in the back.  Note the driver-side wheel runs high (less friction on the track).

Weighing in at about two pounds, D'Bomb was realy fast off the starting gate but slowed to a crawl by the time it reached the finish line.

 This car holds a secret compartment and a ball-bearing that moves around the car as it hits the straightaway at the bottom of the ramp.


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  1. Kathleen says:

    We had a great time participating in the derby, rock climbing, and checking out the car show!!! We’re looking forward to next year!

    • mjensen1313 says:

      Thanks, we had a great time too! I can honeslty say, this was the first time for me on a rock climbing wall! A few years back one of my brothers bought me a climbing harness for Christmas and I am still yet to use it! (yes it is something I want to learn)

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